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Ribboned Sonata
“Where am I? Hello, is there anyone here?”
   Melodia glanced around the desolate area, the ruins gave it the appearance of once being filled with life, yet it was now made of nothing but mist and cool air. She could have sworn that she had been in bed. This place almost had an aura of sadness about it, death and despair thick in the air, making her almost choke from negative energy dancing around her. She did not understand how she got there; she could not be home, could she? Did something devastate her home as she slumbered?  Walking forward the cool air whipping the bottom of her silk nightgown around her legs, her eyes focused intently on finding an exit…an escape…freedom from the devastation around her.
“My love,"
A voice, warm yet inviting echoed through the air. It sounded as if she heard the voice once before.  The feeling of meeting the person long ago flowed through her heart like a tide. She did not know why but she wanted to
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Much Ado About Midori

Wed Apr 4, 2018, 4:21 AM

  Hey, you guys, it’s been like a month since I’ve uploaded any new journal updates for you guys. It’s been a busy few months for me, but I do feel happy I was able to upload some art I worked on for a while. Now before I begin I want you guys to keep in mind that I’ve thought long and hard about this for a while, so it wasn’t an overnight decision. It is a big step in a direction that I’ve wanted to go in creatively for many months so please forgive me if it’s not in the direction that you wanted it to go in. So, without further ado, I shall begin the task of telling you guys of my decision.

                As of late, I’ve been working on a lot of things with my baby sister and I’ve realized that I have a character who I can use universally in anything I do because she was an original character made for a fandom I am part of. It was a bit of a long and hard decision that I wanted to do for the character since she is an original character I created to be the central villain. This character is also something that I had to think a lot about and I really wanted to redesign her for a bit of time. It’s also a major decision that I’ve taken a bit of time to think about as well. While she will be a universal character for anything I deem her to be a fit in, she’ll be changing up a lot such as design (ie: hair, skin, or even name) but she’ll still have the same personality traits and actions that her original base has.

                The character in question is my original villain character, Midori Sato. Her original origins were that I created her specifically for my OHSHC fan fiction project which is why she wasn’t brought over to this side of DA until now. She was created to be my very own version of the Evil Queen from Snow White (save for the poison apples) and thus why she always meets her end in a fashion that is either permanent like death or she’s hauled off to prison. I have always thought that I’d move her over to my original works because creating villain characters for specific purposes tend to get tedious and she was one I am proud to hate (from a creator standpoint that is!)

                For now, she’s just a wayward all-around character that will be finding her own niche once I decide where she belongs. She could end up replacing Katisha as the central villain in The Morenos, a terrible nosey neighbor in Angelic Lane, A rival dancer in Gentle Waltz Paradise, a central rival in Suddenly Royal! Or she may become something more in another project. It all depends on where I could drop her and how I can integrate her into the stories that I tell.

                Her design will change to reflect how I want her to be portrayed. There is no limit as to what I can do with her. There is one thing that I am for certain, her original roots of being an original fandom character will still be a thing in other things I do regarding fandom stuff whenever I feel like jumping back on that bandwagon.

                For now, Midori will have a few designs going up, I may make a design sheet to showcase the various designs I have in mind for her. As they say, you haven’t seen her final form yet. ~brick'd

                So I hope you guys don’t mind if I play around with her for a few days here in the gallery as I find her niche and place in my original worlds.


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